Walking You Through The Simple Process

The road to getting one of our guarantor loans is fairly simple and easy. You don't need to go through the unwanted protocols and arduous paperwork. Let us explain it in four simple steps.

1. The first thing you need to do is be positive as to whether or not it is guarantor loans you need. There a lot of considerations that you need to pay attention to. At C17 Loans, we believe in utmost transparency and walking in the way of this motto, we make everything crystal-clear for you. You will know what you're getting. This will help make this decision of yours easier.

2. Once you have decided to move forward, the next step is of finding a guarantor. It can be anyone, from your friend to family member, to even a colleague. While it is not a requirement, it is recommended that the guarantor you choose knows you well. This will make it relatively easy for you to convince them to guarantee the loan for you. Anyhow, if you're charming enough to make a person you met the other day guarantee the loan for you, we have no problems whatsoever.

3. Next thing you do is fill in the simple application and provide us with the details. Once we have received your application, we ensure that it is processed without any further delay. We check the eligibility of your guarantor, and assess whether or not they stand up to our criteria. If everything goes well in this stage, you can get your hands on the loan in about a couple of days.

4. Once you have received the loan, we stay in touch with you during the course of the loan and help you if you need any assistance. We are never too far away to not answer your questions and so, ensure that all your qualms and doubts are relieved. This way, we make this journey of yours much smoother. This sets us apart from and one step ahead of the likes of UK Credit.