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Who Can I Ask To Be My Guarantor?
Welcome | Welcome to C17 Loans, your one-stop destination for the most competitive guarantor loans in the market. It doesn't matter what credit rating you boast, or whether or not you have a collateral to secure the loan. As long as you have someone who believes in you, we are more than eager to lend to you. So, withC17 Loans, the loans you get look beyond the limited scope of credit ratings. Bad credit may hold you down in many different ways, but when it comes to getting additional finance, you must look for alternative ways. Bad credit loans tend to be notoriously expensive to finance, and are something best avoided. And why wouldn't you avoid them when you can get easily achieved, and serviced guarantor loans here at C17?

What Exactly Are Guarantor Loans?

A guarantor loan is a type a loan whereby you find someone else to vouch for you. That someone becomes your 'guarantor' and puts forth their own creditworthiness to get your loan approved. This way, we consider the ability of your guarantor to get the loan, instead of your own. If you have defaulted or been negligent in your financial affairs, this comes as a revelation, allowing you to finally leave the fetters of bad credit.

Why C17 Loans?

The advantages of getting a guarantor loan are many and you don't need much stressing on that. But with such a wide range of providers, why should you choose us? Here at C17 Loans, we deal in truth, we deal in transparency. You get what you see, and every aspect of the loans and its terms and conditions is put forward before you or your guarantor commit to anything. You don't have to worry about waking up one day and finding out you signed up for something you didn't need. We enlighten you first, and then hand our loan over. This sets us apart as the provider that cares for you.

Are These Loans Expensive?

While being expensive is a subjective term, we can tell you that when compared to other bad credit loans, or the likes of First Choice Finance and Buddy Loans, our loans offer astonishingly low rates. We don't rip you off and pile up on your already existing problems. That's what makes us a perfect choice when you can't get a loan on your own.

Why would I need someone else to guarantee my loan for me?

Having bad credit can limit your financial freedom to an extent that there is virtually no way left for you but to resort to alternative ways designed especially for individuals like you. Our guarantor loans are one such alternative. If you happen to be in the shackles of bad credit, you need the word of someone else to get you that much-needed loan. We, at C17 Loans, are that someone for you.

Of course, there are also other guarantor loans site such as www.compareloanexperts.co.uk that you can resort to but what is he point when these loans rip you off with their sky-touching interest rates? Most of time, these so-called comparison sites make situations worse, causing your credit ratings to sink even further. Here, we offer something out of the ordinary, not charging you anything unreasonable and exploit you for your problematic situation. All you need here is someone who trusts you enough and is eligible to be your guarantor. That's about it.

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  • Who Can I Ask To Be My Guarantor?
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  • Who Is Held liable If I Default?

Who Can I Ask To Be My Guarantor?

How Do These Contracts WorkWhen you have bad credit, you tend to aim to improve it and go upwards. However, with financial restrictions that accompany bad credit, you are deprived of any opportunity to do so. How would you prove your creditworthiness when you are not getting any credit at all? This is where our guarantor loans come in and lend you a helping hand. By taking up a loan on someone else's ratings, you are gifting yourself the perfect opportunity to prove what you believe in - your creditworthiness. By being punctual with your obligations towards our guarantor loans, you will be providing your credit ratings a much-needed jumpstart. This will allow you to eventually build up for a day where you wouldn't need our loans at all.

How Much Do These Contracts Cost?

How Do These Contracts WorkAs mentioned above, these contracts tend to be identical to ordinary contracts in more than one way. Not only is the cost to be paid in installments, but the cost determining factors are also the same. The first and foremost cost-determining factor is how loaded your plan is. For frequent users, there are heavier plans, while others tend to prefer less-loaded ones. Then, there is the phone you choose. Relatively more expensive phones tend to translate in more expensive contracts. Lastly, your loan period also determines the amount of installments you pay. The larger the period, the smaller each installment. However, choosing such an option means you pay an overall greater amount.

Who Is Held liable If I Default?

How Do These Contracts WorkIn most cases, we tend to be understanding and if you happen to hit a hitch, we are more than willing to allow you extended deadlines. Having said that, if you happen to default or be notoriously inconsistent in your payments, the repercussions to be faced are divided in between you and your guarantor. While credit ratings of both, you and your guarantor, are affected, any difference between the amount paid and the amount due is to be paid by the guarantor. Therefore, in case of default, we turn to your guarantor to make up for it. This adds great responsibility to this position.